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Executive Order #60 requires that contractors working on select NJDOT projects use equipment that either meets Tier 4 standards or has the best available retrofit technology installed, at state expense. NJDEP has received questions asking whether contractors working on NJDOT projects need to use equipment that meets the “Tier 4i or Interim” standard or “Tier 4 Final” standard. Questions have also arisen as to whether contractors can purchase new equipment today that will meet not only current Tier 4i standards, but future standards. Construction contractors in New Jersey are encouraged, but not obligated, to purchase and/or use new equipment.
Pursuant to USEPA rules, engine manufacturers (OEMs) are required to design, manufacture and sell only engines that meet certain emission standards.  As of 2012, most new nonroad construction engines must be manufactured to meet “Tier 4 Interim”standards. 

New equipment with 100-750 horsepower Tier 4 Interim engines are equivalent to “Tier 4 Final” emission standards for particulate matter and are considered compliant with Executive Order #60, so these would not require add-on retrofits.

Equipment with >750 horsepower engines do not meet “Tier 4 Final” emission standards for particulate matter until 2015, so these would require retrofits until model year 2015 engines are available.

See to see the list of NJDOT projects selected for inclusion under the Executive Order. Projects will be added to this list on a regular basis until the Executive Order is completed in the Summer of 2014. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Melissa Evanego of the Bureau of Mobile Sources at (609) 292-1637.